Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Heart Ribbon

What to do with so much ribbon??? 

This is my collection of ribbon I have accumulated over the years. I find myself buying ribbon for a specific project, tossing it in the drawer and then never looking back. Here are a few projects I have bought & recycled ribbon on:

Mason Jars that hold Archie's dog food and treats. 

Toilet Paper holder in the bathroom needed a little splash of color.

One of my roommates made this for me for my college graduation (I LOOVE IT, I rarely ever get anything scrapbooked for myself, so I was ecstatic when I got this!) Anyways, ribbon is a great way to hold chip board together and is always helpful in hanging a picture.

Gift wrapping of course! It adds so much color to a simple box. 


Cougar Pride!
I used ribbon on both these chip board projects to hold the letters together.

The possibilites to use ribbon are endless!!!


  1. 1. go cougs! love the cougar letters tied together with that fabulous RIBBON!
    2. i am enjoying archies dog food and treats in the jars....very cute!
    3. what a nice friend to have made you that little photo board! hehe

  2. i've got the same problem as you. too much ribbon... but you're better than me because you know how to use it up! haha. :)

    i think i just like to hoard my stash. cute dog treat jar! what kind of dog do you have?


  3. omg i love your little name with the scissors! SO CUTE!