Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My First Vinyl Cut

I made this using my new Silhouette that I got for Christmas!

There have definitely been a few trial and errors when it comes to my Silhouette, a lot of time and patience have been invested....

So I was very proud of myself when I made my very first vinyl cut, and with no mistakes! I was able to cut this on my first try .

It is placed on the wall in my bathroom, above my toilet, and to the left of my mirror. You aren't able to see the small detail but I used small diamond embellishment for dotting the I's, the period, and the center of the flowers.
This is the only quote I could really find that I liked for the bathroom.... any quotes you would recommend? I am already thinking I want to change it out, now that I know how to cut vinyl!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hosting A Wine Tasting Party

Wine Tasting With a Twist!

At the end of March I hosted a Wine Tasting Party for my girlfriends (There were 17 girls!) I had heard about this idea from a co-worker and knew that I had to host one...
Here is how it worked:
- Each person had to bring TWO bottles of the SAME wine with the price limit being under $10 per bottle.
-They could not discuss what wine they brought (I asked them to bring it in a brown bag).
- Once they arrived I labeled each bag with a number and then also noted R, W, or S for Red White or Sparkling.
- Once the wine tasting began everyone had a small pad of paper to write down which one they enjoyed, loved, hated, or thought that it tasted like air (yes, someone said that a wine tasted like air aka-nothing... just so happened that wine was mine!).
- I placed the bottles throughout my place and we got started tasting!!!
Of course how could I have done this without including some kind of crafting! I made personalized wine charms (above pic). They were very easy to make. Items I used were a medium sized circle punch, small square punch, card stock, and stamps! Then I just cut a small slit to to be able to attach from the wine glass.
Friends & Wine

Mmmm, those cinnamon sticks were so delicious (pictured bottom left.)

Me and Nicole.

Jamie & Erika

Here was the final product, and at last the wonderful twist is revealed....
We voted on our personal top two favorite wines. .
(Here is where the second bottle of wine comes into play....)

Our first place winner was a local wine: Snoqualmie 2006 Syrah from Columbia Valley.

Our first place winner got to choose 4 bottles to take home with her! Since we had so many 2nd place winners, each of them got to take home 2 bottles.

And last but not least.... (after pulling the bottles that had already won) we voted on coolest label. This one from Trader Joe's won.... and they got to take home 3 bottles of wine.

It was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of wine consumed. The part I enjoyed the most was just being with friends and trying something new... and hiding the "twist" part from them!