Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Birthday Bash!

My Quarter of a Century Celebration

It had been a couple years (I think since my 21st) that I actually had a birthday bash! I had thought about making it themed, and of course wanted to include crafting in there! I came up with having a masquerade themed party. I wanted the girls to come over a few days before my birthday and decorate our masks. Over Christmas Olga and I had practiced on a few masks, and I think we were both surprised how good they actually turned out! We had to be careful, the hot glue melted the masks very easily!!!

I was surprised how many of my friends ended up actually making their masks. I think after a few glasses of wine it came a little easier.... everyone's turned out great! (Unfortunately I don't have individual pictures of the girls, these are two that I made.)

I decided to be a little different and get my mask painted on! It took about an hour and half and it stayed on all night (minus a few gems).

I was happy with how everyone's masked turned out, proud of my friend's artistic abilities! : )

We had dinner at Bucca de Beppos and definitely made a scene! There were about 20 girlfriends that came out that night, it was a lot of fun!!!

I am very thankful I have such great friends to have shared my special day with!!!

Of course what party is complete without a party favor? I LOVED making these pictures frames using my new Silhouette Die Cutter I got for Christmas! They were really easy to make and I think my friends enjoyed them :)


  1. What a talented group, all the masks were very attractive!

  2. i forgot to pick up one of those pretty magnets! gotta add it to the fridge decor :)

  3. I love how the invitations turned out!! your masks are CUTE!

  4. This is probably the cutest b-day I've seen in a long time!!