Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Faux Headboard Art

Finally Something!!!!

So I have gone several years with out a headboard, or anything as a matter of fact, above my bed. It has been driving me crazy so I finally decided to do something! My mom & I spent an afternoon working on this...

Items needed:
PVC or Particle Board
Quilting Batting
Staple Gun
Saw Tooth Hangers

Cut your fabric (if it's is print I would recommend lining it up as best as possible!) and place your batting underneath, tuck around the corners and staple! That's it.... attach saw tooth hangers, and hang.

I purchased my PVC board at Home Depot, they will cut it for you.
The dimensions I used are... H 30 in x W 18 in.

I am in L.O.V.E. with this print fabric, it is on my dishes and various places throughout my place. It is burlap so it's a little bit thicker, and it was pretty expensive (even on sale) Eeeek!

The options are endless on this project. You could choose your own size, fabric, colors, solids, prints. You could even add ribbons or buttons, or do a combination of solids and prints...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Simple Cheap & Easy Photo Clips

Dollar Store Make-Over & The $5 Challenge!

I purchased these canvas pictures at the dollar store, plain canvas at the craft store this size are around $4 a piece!

I painted each canvas with paint I already had on hand. (I did have to apply a few coats to cover the print). I purchased the clothes pins at the dollar store as well, glued them on and ta da!

Picture of Kelly and I being silly.

I took this while I was in Hawaii (Kihei, Maui) this January. I get a little picture crazy when I travel...

This is one of many girls nights out Me, Nicole, Danielle, & Jamie out in Ballard.

I placed them in my narrow hallway, I like that they will be easy to change out pictures or whatever I decide to clip on there!

This post is linked with Living With Lindsey's Spring $5 Challenge.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Stamping!

Fun With Blair & Stampin' Up!
This weekend, Blair over at Bright Pink Sprinkles hosted a Spring Stamping Party. It was a lot of fun, and this could be dangerous... but she introduced me to stamping! I have dabbled here and there with stamps, but her collection is amazing... my friends think I have a lot of stuff..... Blair's collection is unbelievable, and still growing! Below are some of her fabulous creations that I made....

All of the wonderful things we made! Which one is your favorite?

This Easter basket was a little bit of a challenge, weaving paper isn't as easy as it looks!

This is a cute box/holder. Blair had a great idea to give it as a gift with tea bags inside, they fit perfectly!

This is a gift set box. It includes three "thanks so much" cards and a decorative post it notes.

Here are the items that are in the gift set box, I liked this one... very simple to make and such an adorable gift to have on hand for any occasion.

I might be making this card for everything now! It is nice to use up scrap paper and can be used for various types of greeting cards!

THESE ARE MY F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E.!!!!!!! I enjoy the chick, kind of looks lazy eyed though! They can be used as cards, but I think I might place them around as small decorations for Easter.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Anthropologie Inspired Necklace

Happy Birthday Mom & Victoria!

I got this great gift idea from Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative.

It was very easy to make, I was able to only spend $12, and with all the material I bought... I made THREE of these. I sent one to my soon to be sister-in-law and after showing my mother, she wanted one for her birthday as well!

Items used:

Beading String.

Large & Small Pearls

White Organza

White Tulle

Flower Outline

I decided to only use two flowers, make it your own though and use as many as you would like!

Check out her post and how to...!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wine Cork Votive

I Love Wine.

A couple of weeks ago a girlfriend and I went to this cute wine bar... very sheek and modern! On our table was this adorable wine work votive, of course I was inspired and wanted to make my own!

So this is the original one. I wasn't to fond of the bells (seemed to holiday'ish)...

...and ta da! Here is my edition! Instead of using the bells I just weaved ribbon inbetween.

I guess you could use a collection of wine corks, I am too picky and had to have them be all the same. I just used flower wire to assemble and purchased a clear votive at target for $1.

Which do you like better? The bells? Or Ribbon? What would other ideas could you use?

Leave a comment, tell me what you think...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy March!

Luck O' The Irish
Wow this year is FLYING by! I was inspired to make something quick and easy to spice up my place this month! A couple of summers ago I took a trip to Europe and was fortunate enough to make a stop in Dublin. What a beautiful place! I saw this Irish Blessing numerous times while touring the city, and figured it was perfect to decorate my place for St. Patrick's Day.

It was really easy to make, just painted an old frame that I had green and used some extra scrap paper (and a paper bag) for some texture. I LOVE the font I used (except for my printer is low on black ink, so I had to go over it with permanent marker

One of my girlfriends birthday's is on the 17th (shout out to Meggie!) so maybe I can put a picture from her birthday in here and keep it up year round?

Some pictures from my trip!

Whitney, Me, and Jamie at the Guinness Brewery.

My own version of an Irish Car Bomb. Apparently they don't make them there? Heh, heh...heh. :)

We hiked to the top of Killiney. I looooove how green it is! (P.S.-Green is my favorite color!)