Monday, September 27, 2010

Candy Corn Wreath

Time To Decorate!

My sister in law picked up this magazine for me the other day... To be honest I have never opened or read through a Woman's Day magazine. They have so many brilliant ideas for October/Fall/Holiday decorating, etc. (There are super cute how-to cupcakes that I might have to attempt to make.) 

The wreath on the cover is made from candy corn, and it didn't look that difficult to make at all.

You'll need a styrofoam wreath (I used a 12 in. one, the magazine recommened a 16 in.), black duct tape, wide ribbon, and candy corn (my size wreath took 3 11oz bags, Brach's brand). Start by covering the wreath with the tape. 

Start in the middle of the wreath laying candy corn the same direction and continue all the way around... there is going to be a gap once going around, just be sure to start the next  row in the same spot each time, you can cover any candy corn free space with the ribbon. Repeat with each row opposite of the once before. Loop ribbon of choice through wreath and hang on a sturdy nail.

Here is my new Halloween wreath! 

I love it!



  1. so cute! and i love woman's day!

  2. CUTE! I WANT ONE! But really....I kind of know how I feel about Halloween!

  3. That looks great!!! I love it!!
    Did you know that someday crafts has a categorized link party and next Friday is Candy Corn Day!!!


  4. I love it!! I just got a foam wreath the other day too and was wondering exactly what I wanted to do with it....I think this idea wins!

  5. So cute! I saw that on the cover & wondered how long it would take :) Don't you want to eat your wreath, though?? I really think I would!

  6. well isnt that just the cutest!!

  7. If I tried to make this, I'd just eat all the candy corn!