Monday, September 20, 2010

Fabric Flower Necklace

J. Crew, Anthropology, Urban Outfitter, Ann Taylor, 
Cookie Lee, Nordstrom, Target, etc. etc. 
Inspired Fabric Flower Necklace How To

I have been wanting to make one of these necklaces for awhile and have seen them all over at the mall, in magazines, on other blogs, pretty much everywhere. I went to a Bunco party this weekend, and one of the ladies was wearing a Cookie Lee Necklace, as soon as I saw it I had to make it. It was a great piece to see for inspiration but I definitely took some of my own alterations to it. 

I planned to have a "veg" day and do nothing, but crafting consists of doing nothing, right?! One of my best friends is in town from Hawaii and this was a fun project to work on together and I always enjoy bringing someone over to the crafting dark side...

It is a little time consuming but worth the end product! 

Items needed:
Choose a fabric. I used two because I like the texture it adds. I choose a tulle/sheer and a silk eggplant color (In the pics it looks black put it's just a VERY DEEP purple.)
Flower template (small and large). I just printed one from clip art, and then used a thicker paper to use as a stencil. 
Sharp Scissors & Hot Glue Gun.
Some kind of embellishment.I like the crystal/gems that I used but buttons always look cute too!
A heat gun ...or in my case a small tea light candle. 
Ribbon. Preferably matching the color of fabric, or a fun print would be exciting! 

Bare with me because I have a VERY HARD time taking step by step pictures. I just get too excited about my project being done! 

I like to layer my fabric and cut multiple at a time. 
Repeat this step with both types of fabrics and both sizes of flowers.

Once all your flowers are cut you need to singe the edges, hence where my tea light candle came into play. Be careful because the tulle/sheer fabric burns quickly : )

Stack your flowers however you want in regards to what kind of texture you like, I enjoy more of the tulle/sheer so I only used a few of the silk fabric. Just layer each with a dab of hot glue. 

Embellish each flower, and hot glue onto your choice of ribbon, and shaaazaaaam:

For the clasp in the back, just tie your ribbon! 

This project was fairly easy but as mentioned it is very time consuming. 
With all the materials bought (1/2 yard of fabric and a spool of ribbon, gems I already had on hand)... each necklace total cost: $3.00! 

This is Sarah's necklace, she did such a good job! (So proud!)
She decided to do more of a scoop rather than layering. It's adorable! 


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