Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Stamping!

Fun With Blair & Stampin' Up!
This weekend, Blair over at Bright Pink Sprinkles hosted a Spring Stamping Party. It was a lot of fun, and this could be dangerous... but she introduced me to stamping! I have dabbled here and there with stamps, but her collection is amazing... my friends think I have a lot of stuff..... Blair's collection is unbelievable, and still growing! Below are some of her fabulous creations that I made....

All of the wonderful things we made! Which one is your favorite?

This Easter basket was a little bit of a challenge, weaving paper isn't as easy as it looks!

This is a cute box/holder. Blair had a great idea to give it as a gift with tea bags inside, they fit perfectly!

This is a gift set box. It includes three "thanks so much" cards and a decorative post it notes.

Here are the items that are in the gift set box, I liked this one... very simple to make and such an adorable gift to have on hand for any occasion.

I might be making this card for everything now! It is nice to use up scrap paper and can be used for various types of greeting cards!

THESE ARE MY F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E.!!!!!!! I enjoy the chick, kind of looks lazy eyed though! They can be used as cards, but I think I might place them around as small decorations for Easter.



  1. this is so cute-and a great idea for the scrap paper-I always have a ton. :)

  2. when i saw those i did not know you made them! so cute!