Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Birthday Bash!

My Quarter of a Century Celebration

It had been a couple years (I think since my 21st) that I actually had a birthday bash! I had thought about making it themed, and of course wanted to include crafting in there! I came up with having a masquerade themed party. I wanted the girls to come over a few days before my birthday and decorate our masks. Over Christmas Olga and I had practiced on a few masks, and I think we were both surprised how good they actually turned out! We had to be careful, the hot glue melted the masks very easily!!!

I was surprised how many of my friends ended up actually making their masks. I think after a few glasses of wine it came a little easier.... everyone's turned out great! (Unfortunately I don't have individual pictures of the girls, these are two that I made.)

I decided to be a little different and get my mask painted on! It took about an hour and half and it stayed on all night (minus a few gems).

I was happy with how everyone's masked turned out, proud of my friend's artistic abilities! : )

We had dinner at Bucca de Beppos and definitely made a scene! There were about 20 girlfriends that came out that night, it was a lot of fun!!!

I am very thankful I have such great friends to have shared my special day with!!!

Of course what party is complete without a party favor? I LOVED making these pictures frames using my new Silhouette Die Cutter I got for Christmas! They were really easy to make and I think my friends enjoyed them :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Popsicle Stick Monogram!

Last week I had a fun craft night with Olga & Ethan and decided to bust out some paints! For this project, I actually already had everything on hand!

Items used:
Piece of wood or particle board
Paint (your choice of colors, probably at least three)
Sponge brush
Popsicle sticks
Black pipe cleaner (or whatever your heart desires as an embellishment)
Painters Tape

Start by drawing letter by hand or use a stencil, using a pencil leaving a light pencil line. Start by painting the base color (the lighter stripes). Once it dries take painters tape, and depending how thick you want your stripes, measure and lay accordingly. (Make sure the tape is pressed firmly so the paint won't seep!) While you are waiting for your stripes to dry you can start breaking apart the popsicle sticks and start painting. I also made a small "bee" or "bug" embellishment by using the popsicle sticks for the wings, and the body is made up of a black pipe cleaner, I just wrapped it around a pencil to give it a nice curl! Once the paint has completely dried on your stripes, remove the painters tape carefully. You should still be able to see the outline of the letter you sketched. Lay out the popsicle sticks and glue (Elmer's usually works the best!) Last but not least, be sure to add your embellishment. Make it yours!

Friday, February 19, 2010