Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update On Where I've Been

This past month I spent living in Boston, MA. I had the opportunity to travel for work as an Opening Team Trainer for California Pizza Kitchen. I truly missed my blog and working anywhere from 12 to 20 hours a day, there was no time left for crafting! I am home for only two weeks and hope to complete a couple of projects. I am leaving again for another store opening in Mumbai, India!

I'd love to share a couple of things from my trip!

This was taken from the top of The Prudential Center, Fenway Park is in the top right corner. 

The Front Of The House training team. 

The night before a huge snow storm was going to hit...

The morning after. It snows WAY too much there! 

Couple of new slang words that I learned about also....

Instead of calling them small bottles, or airplane shots.... they call them "nips"?!

..."wicked" is used more than it probably should be.

They also call a water fountain a "bubbler". 
The liquor store is considered to be "The Package Store" because they put your liquor into a brown package bag, they also call it "The Packie". 

Can't wait to share with you what I learn in INDIA! 



  1. I LOVE boston. It is so pretty there! I'm jealous you are getting to do all this traveling, but I can't wait to see how the next trip goes! Be safe! :)

  2. It's almost like a completely different world there... I might start using nips and packie, but I would sound ridiculous trying to say wicked.