Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DIY Home Decor Balls & Box

This is a quick and easy decorating tip. DIY home decor balls are simple to make and only require a few supplies.... hot glue, any kind of rope, yarn, or string (preferably thicker), and a sphere of some sort (styrofoam ball, wiffle ball, etc...).

First step is to start at any point with a dab of hot glue and circle the string around the center point, gluing as you are winding the string around and continue until the whole ball is covered. 

Ta da! Simple and cute!

After seeing all these decor ball tutorials on line, I thought why not decorate a box? Any size box can be used applying the same method as the balls, outcome: you get a cool piece of DIY art. I used twine on the box, it was a little time consuming but it was totally worth the finished product! 

I placed my new decor on top of my entertainment center and paired it next to a bottle of Chianti saved from my birthday last year. 

I am trying to get back into the groove of crafting, but I promise... more projects coming soon! 


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  1. I like your entertainment center. It's organized. I can't make out what that blue thing. What is it?