Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DIY Ribbon Bag

Remember the post I Heart Ribbon... 
and the crazy amount of ribbon I have? 

Over the weekend of black friday I kept seeing ribbon bags on sale.

They were priced anywhere from $15 - $30. I thought to myself that is a lot of money for a plastic bag with holes in it...

I remembered that I had this bag in my closet from awhile ago when I bought some bedding and figured it would be the perfect size for my new ribbon bag!

I used my cropadile (aka... the best tool EVER) and punch holes all throughout the bag. I wound each ribbon around  my fingers before inserting a small strip through the holes, that way it's not going to get tangled with all the other ribbons and when you need to use your ribbon you just select and pull! 

Some holiday cards are in the works and will be posted in the next week.... hope you are excited to see them! 


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  1. Love love loving this!! So awesome, and I am going to copy this now! Great job!